Friday, July 29, 2005

Straw-Bale Construction Certification

The Global Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program provides the highest quality strawbale training available anywhere in the world. This unique program combines hands-on experiences with research and assignments using the leading books, videos, journals, and Internet and other electronic resources.

The Global Straw-Bale Construction Certification Program is a distance learning program for those within reach of the Internet and with an adequate knowledge of English. Students can begin the program at any time and work at their own pace through independent guided study. Advisors at the Geiger Research Institute provide guidance and critical analysis throughout the training process.

This strawbale certification program takes approximately one year to complete, although students with construction or architecture backgrounds may be able to complete the training more rapidly. The program consists of 14 modules that cover each major step of construction, as well as other relevant topics that form the essential knowledge for practitioners in the field.

For more information, go to: Straw-Bale Construction Certification