Monday, January 05, 2009

Planning for Future Changes

It's been over three years since my last post. Yikes! Time really flies when you're having fun (and trying to do 20 other things at the same time).

While this blog has suffered from neglect, I've been busy developing two other sustainable building sites in collaboration with Kelly Hart of fame (the #1 ranked site for info on green homebuilding): This new site (we just had our one year anniversary) is now the largest, most comprehensive website about earthbag building. Features include the largest slide show of earthbag homes, a Projects page profiling dozens of the best structures (residential and commercial) and an extensive collection of documents on our Articles page. There's also a huge FAQs page that will answer most questions about building with bags -- all for free. Most readers don't realize how fast earthbag building is growing, so we're putting a lot of work into documenting everything that's happening in the movement. Our earthbag blog has quickly become the #1 blog on earthbag building. New posts are added every few days. This is where we put all the latest news, tips, building techniques, etc.

My latest plan is to re-energize the GRISB Sustainable Building blog. Afterall, it pops up #1 on Google and therefore draws a pretty good crowd. But working alone is ... well, lonely. I'm looking for like-minded folks to collaborate on making this a top quality site. I would like to cover all aspects of sustainable building, so it makes sense to have multiple posters. I'm just too busy to do it all, plus it's way more fun working with others. And just to be clear, my focus is on low-cost (especially 'dirt cheap') housing.

Interested? Email me a brief bio and summary of your thoughts to: strawhouses AT