Sunday, August 07, 2005

Elimination of Poverty Housing

Substandard housing - crude shelters haphazardly made of scraps of junk, cardboard and similar materials – is where over one billion of the world’s poorest live. These shacks, and the associated grinding poverty of those who live in them, are an affront to civilized society. We can and must do better.

Dr. Owen Geiger, the Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building, has spent his life searching for affordable housing solutions and is now unveiling the first comprehensive plan to eliminate poverty housing at two upcoming events:

- August 14-15, 2005 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota: Sustainable Sustainable Development and Technology workshop.

- September 3, 2005 in Crestone, Colorado: Renewable Energy Fair, 2-3 pm.

Dr. Geiger is calling for a Global Housing Initiative to address the unprecedented level of homelessness and substandard housing. His proposal is designed to mesh with the Millennium Project – the United Nations' ambitious program to cut poverty in half by 2015 and eliminate extreme poverty in our lifetime.