Thursday, August 25, 2005

BWB Straw-Bale Construction Guides

The Builders Without Borders (BWB) Straw-Bale Construction Guide was created to meet the growing demand for easy-to-understand instructions on building strawbale homes. It was designed for workshop participants, the communities that work with BWB and anyone who wants to build a comfortable, affordable home. This book is a pictorial how-to guide on straw-bale construction basics that emphasizes low-cost methods to help those in the greatest need for affordable housing. To read more about this book, go to

The BWB Facilitators Guide is the curriculum that accompanies the BWB Straw-Bale Construction Guide. The Facilitators Guide outlines the purpose of each section, activities, discussion topics, technical considerations, time frames and exercises to accomplish the desired goals. Lesson plans on each topic help the instructor convey the concepts in the Straw-Bale Construction Guide. To read more about this book, go to

These Guides were co-authored by Dr. Owen Geiger, the Director of the Geiger Research Institute of Sustainable Building.

You can order the BWB Straw-Bale Construction Guides from:
Builders Without Borders
119 Main Street
Kingston, NM 88042
(505) 895-5400