Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Zero Energy Housing

Phase I of the zero-energy housing research program at the Geiger Research Institute introduces the primary strategies, principles and guidelines that can be applied to a wide variety of house designs.

Links on energy-efficient housing, sustainable building, solar design and appropriate technology point readers to resources that help define the scope of the program. Phase II will provide a finished house design that incorporates these concepts.

Zero-energy housing strategies:
1. Build small
2. Efficient use of space
3. Low-embodied energy building materials (primarily locally available, natural materials)
4. Superinsulation
5. Balance of mass and insulation
6. Multiple use features (serve more than one purpose)
7. Lifestyle change of inhabitants
8. Maximum solar design
9. Appropriate technology
10. Energy-efficient appliances and fixtures
11. Energy and resource-efficient shape
12. Safe and healthy design

More information is available at: Zero Energy Housing